Zeneth Phelosophy® Business Endowment Program

The Zeneth Phelosophy® Business Endowment Program is a 2020-2022  initiative aimed at serving entrepreneurs, business owners, and CEOs with professional support during the challenging times in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and economic instability.

This international program is being offered to leaders who have founded, owned, and or principally operated an enterprise for three years or more, generating sales and revenues of a minimum of $250,000 per year.

Eligible candidates who qualify will be awarded a six month, $14,000 business consulting scholarship.

Champions must submit an application form including a 500 word letter that articulates the impact of your leadership as you explore innovative possibilities during this uncertain economic phase.

Upon approval, selected leaders will be notified within 14 days of submission.

“Vision is a future image

appearing on today’s mind film;

an invitation to

compose, unite, and Right click to create it.”

Nader Zadi, PhD

Founder & CEO

Zeneth Phelosophy, Inc.

Business Endowment Program