Business and Executive Coaching

Business and executive coaching is a leadership development process, engaging in an experiential approach that enhances your capacity to attain aligned professional, organizational, and business goals.

What does your Executive Presence emanate?

What kind of engine is operating in your enterprise, what function is it serving, and where are you heading?

Engine capacity and pilot: Are they calibrated and synchronized to deliver the expected output?

Provided you are using the appropriate input, how will you know you’ve arrived?

What challenges have emerged now, and what options are available at this altitude?

Your control panel has indicators. Which message is flashing on your horizon?

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1. Refuel at next landing

(course deviation required)

2. Reduce speed and deploy aptitude

(turbulence ahead)

3. Multiple assets detected

(Hire Professional Coach to Optimize)



4. Poor visibility and weak radar reception

(Radio Professional Coach to enhance signal strength)

Telephone: (646) 339-9197

5. Unchartered path to destination

(Partner with Professional Coach to plot coordinates and engage support for journey).


6. Attitude Indicator Warning!

(Nose is pointing down – pull yoke to align confidence with horizon, and hire Professional Coach to maintain desired heading).


7. Vision Protection Advisory!

(Clear skies, with abundant sunshine, visit for your bespoke eyewear today).

8. Sensory Detection Active

(Needle is pointing out contagious humor in cabin. Soar and have fun living!).

You’re on your way.

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