Proper and suitable action is the duty assigned to each individual, perpetuated with honorable conduct, according to time, place, people, and nations.  The chief duty to oneself is to realize one’s potentials, and cultivate assets to the fullest extent possible, procuring them into achievables and receivables in excellent manner.

The duty of the leader is to operate within the laws of process and influence, exemplify a vision with courageous action, demonstrate proficiency, competence and ethical conduct, whereby the trust afforded and the greatness expected, yields the outcome desired.  Give and receive generous support, take on situations that may involve significant risk, and emanate humility in greatness; and greatness in humility.

The duty of the entrepreneur is to master the art of alchemy, ever increasing the value for the consumers and internal members alike; remembering that he is not the master but the servant.

The duty of the merchant: integrity and diligence; to provide imported goods and export greater goods to people of all nations; of a tradesman, honest distribution of provisions accessible to all.

The duty of a craftsman and all other vocations is to prosper, progress, and attain excellence without attachment; with peace, fulfillment, and non-injury to people, places, conditions, or circumstances.

The duty of a healing professional, physician, and scientist:  alleviate suffering.  A teacher: to dissolve ignorance with knowledge and point the arrow of instruction from the board back to the student, to stimulate Self-discovery.

The duty of an actor is to perform the best role that his costume, character, and audience stipulate.

The duty of an artist is to express the Creative Force animating through her; the musician, to organize sound, delivered to elevate the listener towards the greater dimension of Consciousness.  The duty of a poet is to amalgamate words with symbolic craftsmanship to evoke emotive transformation.

The duty of the philosopher is to distill his findings into practical capsules, to be dispensed as needed.  Wisdom formulations appear proprietary, only when ignorance obscures Consciousness.

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