Relationship Coaching

Relationships are mirrors.  They reflect messages and opportunities for growth.  On a deeper level, relationships have hierarchies of purpose.  Have you wondered about the purpose of your relationships?  Are there patterns that continue to show up?  If you were to describe your relationship as a song with ten lyrics and three instruments, what would it sound like?  What is the impact on yourself, and others close to you?  How are the harmonies scaled?  What’s in tune?  What’s off key, and what do you use to restore rhythm?

Relationship coaching focuses on:

  • Conflict identification and resolution
  • Establish communication styles that work
  • Explore and challenge role assumptions and unstated expectations
  • Identify zones of entanglement
  • Reinforce convergence of values
  • Enhance both self and collective awareness
  • Deepen connection
  • Activate and fulfill the real purpose for being together

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