It was such a pleasure to work with Dr. Zadi on our organization’s communication statements. His direction and guidance for our project was clear and concise. We were able to revise our mission and vision and came up with something that we feel proud to share with the world today!

Thank you Dr. Zadi for helping us with our comprehensive branding endeavor.

Kimberly C.

Vice President & Director

Dr. Zadi was a delight to work with on our project and it was completed significantly ahead of time. He’s an outstanding professional and is extremely knowledgeable in his field. He provided our board with comprehensive and insightful guidelines which were key in helping us formulate our organization’s mission, values and vision statements in a new and concise manner.

Upon evaluating our work together, Dr. Zadi guided us toward the finished product and our board couldn’t be more grateful and pleased with the results!! Our organization highly recommends Dr. Zadi to others seeking the same outstanding results for theirs!

Teri G.

Executive Director

It was wonderful working with Dr. Zadi, he calmly walked me through a highly challenging process.  He was patient and encouraged creativity as I developed ideas, followed by additional possibilities and suggestions, which led to a potential new company identity. Most important, is that I now have a new method of facilitating and engaging our stakeholders. My work with Dr. Zadi was efficient and the process took a fraction of what I had anticipated.

Sheryl L.

Executive Director

Dr. Zadi is very knowledgeable and thoughtful. He asked insightful questions and truly sought to understand my situation. At the conclusion of our work he offered possible options for me to consider as paths forward. I would highly recommend others discover and have the experience in working with him.

Aaron S.

Director of Development

Dr. Zadi is very knowledgeable, easy to talk to, and provided pivotal guidance with our project. It was a very helpful collaboration.

Margie G.

Vice President

Dr. Zadi is excellent. He met me where I was and coached me extremely well.

Sophie F.

Learning & Development Facilitator

Dr. Zadi was a joy to work with. He is very knowledgeable and thought-provoking. It was a pleasure to work with him.

Stewart P.

Executive Director

His help was concise, to the point, direct and productive. We quickly achieved a compelling new Mission, Vision and Values statements and it met with approval from the staff and BOD. A great experience!

Tammera B.

Executive Director

Dr. Zadi has strong coaching skills in time management. He is an accomplished professional who puts all of his diverse skills together. It was a great pleasure working with him and I value his tailored approach as he helped me to free up more of my valuable time by identifying all the distractions that were affecting my time management.


I am now significantly more assertive, confident and transformed, as I have learnt to say no appropriately and setting firm boundaries.


I enjoyed working with Dr. Zadi because of his direct style, commitment, and dedication to my success.


I would recommend him highly to anyone who is struggling with time management as he is focused, on point, and highly effective in what he does and how he does it.

Cathreen N.

Executive Director

When I started working with Dr. Zadi, I was dissatisfied with my work, prone to procrastination, stressed out by each new “crisis” within my organization, and unable to focus on my real work priorities.


Within 4 sessions, Dr. Zadi addressed the emotional, relational, and vocational conflicts that were contributing to these issues. He prepared me at the beginning with the understanding that he would be direct in his presence and approach. I, for one, appreciated this style despite some of the hard realizations along the way. Dr. Zadi is also gracious in acknowledging the progress I made as much as centering on the growth ahead.

After about a month, my work life (and life outside of work) has improved drastically.


I’ve learned to better prioritize self-care and working from a place of rest. I learned how to create and maintain work boundaries and started learning how to graciously and confidently stand up for myself and for my work priorities.


Dr. Zadi helped me grow up – his coaching enabled me to enter into my role in a new and much fuller way. I’m incredibly grateful for his guidance and for the insights and great quotes he gives along the way.


I highly recommend working with Dr. Zadi if you are serious about switching things around and getting unstuck. The reward of the hard work is worth it and Dr. Zadi made the process simple.

Elena A.

Director of Learning & Development

I was looking for a leadership coach to help me through the late pandemic transition, especially given the stress levels of my staff and the continued patterns of disruption.


I worked with Dr. Zadi over 8 weeks and I was able to think about my approach in a deep and productive way. I found him to be a responsive and supportive coach.


He enabled me to grow my leadership skills, and I was able to develop new practices and ways of thinking.

I greatly benefitted from his help and highly recommend his work.

Melanie C.

Executive Director

Dr. Zadi was very professional and smart! He provides the space for introspective processing which allows you to think out what you truly believe and is your calling.

Emlyn L.

Founder & Community Collaborator

Dr. Zadi was very insightful. He was able to immediately pick up on some patterns that were getting in the way of my career. He was able to progressively guide me in a very strategic way that led to some very deep professional and personal epiphanies. I would highly recommend working with Dr. Zadi.

Melissa L.

- Director of Communications

Dr. Zadi, on behalf of the Board and Management, I am writing to express gratitude for the valuable expertise and advisory support you have rendered to our organization.  Your contributions have made such a difference to our success.

We continually receive amazing testimonies from entrepreneurs who are growing despite Covid-19 setbacks, including Stephen M., whose business has tremendously grown by 60% in capitalization for the five months he’s been under your program in business excellence. 

I want you to know that I deeply appreciate your dedication which is transforming lives, restoring hope, and contributing to the success of youth entrepreneurs in Kenya and beyond.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

- Mr. Evanson N.

Executive Director

In response to your presentation, all of our attendees gave great ratings, with a total average of 4.9 out of 5 in all categories. One of our members stated that she never thought a workshop like this would awaken her to her purpose like this particular meeting did. Your presentation was very engaging, everyone, including myself was touched and motivated to pursue ambitions.

Being that you presented to our group twice before in the past and earned remarkable reviews, we are inviting you to present again. Thank you for your valued time and generosity.


Program Coordinator

Mr. Zadi is spiritually connected and a powerful person; highly motivating. I learned how to transition from negative to positive awareness, freeing myself to express powerfully.
Charlotte C.

Today’s workshop was an enlightening experience. I always say it’s never too late to discover something new. I was able to acknowledge certain faults and strengths, and the best part was to acknowledge them out loud; knowing that I can change them all. It was a powerful experience because I will actually enforce all of today’s acknowledgements and experiences into my everyday life. I thought Mr. Nader Zadi was very informative and helped us all with discovering issues and knowing we have the power to transform them.
Maria K.

Dr. Zadi is exceptional in outlining a clear and workable framework for organizational growth. He is an active listener whose insights mirror back what I already knew I needed to do as a leader, leaving me feeling excited and confident to grow our business.

Stephanie B.

Co-Founder & CEO

Dr. Zadi helped me tremendously in redirecting my focus and in feeling strengthened to take the steps needed. I am working through our notes and creating a plan forward.

Definitely contacting Dr. Zadi for my upcoming projects. Thank you!

Cassandra P.

Founder & Executive Director

Working with and learning from Dr. Zadi was a priceless experience. Very grateful for everything he made me think and reflect on! Highly recommended.

Bianca S.

Operations Manager

Several of our Advisory Board members had never met before in person and, after a year of Zoom meetings, we wanted our first in-person strategy session to be engaging, enjoyable and productive. Our agenda was packed into a half day, requiring very precise setting of objectives and ground rules for the participants.

Dr. Zadi provided excellent advice and gentle guidance prior to the meeting, and he expertly facilitated what ended up being a highly engaging event that led to our most critically important decisions. Dr. Zadi set the tone at the start of the meeting, emphasizing a need for brevity, agreement and enthusiasm, which encouraged everyone’s participation without derailing our goals.

It was a pleasure working with Dr. Zadi and we are so grateful for his talent.

Adrienne T.

Co-Executive Director

The experience I had with Dr. Zadi is very unique and inspiring. I appreciate the way he was curious in understanding my issues and in supporting me to get a breakthrough.

I now understand that time is very precious and all things operate according to it.
Moreover, thanks to his guidance, I understand that to be more productive, I must plan all my activities, as well as prioritize important matters; rather than get distracted in trying to respond to chronic emergencies.

He also opened my eyes through various assessments where I realized that I was losing time without even recognizing it. I’m very grateful to him!

Kaguriro Y.

Program Director

Dr. Zadi was a gentle force in looking at how I managed my time (More like, how I mismanaged my time). I made a large breakthrough due to our sessions together and have built a foundation of efficient time management around values and boundaries, which I will continue to build on in my professional and personal life.

Thank you Dr. Zadi!

Paul P.

Artistic Director

Filled with insight that was absolutely invaluable. Very grateful to Dr. Zadi for what he has encouraged me to think and reflect on!

Bianca S.

Operations Manager

Dr. Zadi is unlike anyone I have ever worked with before – his approach is completely unique and life changing. From our work together, I have completed a brand new business plan for my organization, begun to write a TedTalk, and started a series of children’s books. Oh, as well as clearly define and expand my personal, organizational, and business intentions and purpose. This was a life transforming experience to say the least.

Dr. Tammy B.

Founder & Executive Director

Dr. Zadi has been a tremendous help in this leadership development program. At the beginning of this project I rated my leadership confidence around a 50 out of 100. Today, I would say my confidence in leading is closer to 80 percent, due to a process that expanded my capacity to communicate clearly and succinctly.

My self-confidence has increased from 60 to 85 percent.

Most importantly, Dr. Zadi helped me as a leader to cultivate empathy towards others. This has been the greatest change from this leadership coaching as I’ve improved from 20 percent to 70 percent in relational dynamics.

John B.

Director of Operations

Dear Mr. Zadi,

I just want to take the time to thank you for coming to DFS. Every moment was a true life changing moment for all who participated in the workshop. They were open to receive the message that you were giving, and are actively applying it in their lives! Thank you so much for taking the time to speak your powerful message into their lives.

Tiffany W.

Program Director

Mr. Zadi is a clear communicator. I discovered how to be myself when infused with a positive attitude. This is how I’ve always wanted to express myself, and didn’t know how.
Mila F.

You connected me to the power inside myself. I was half dead, and I feel alive, renewed, and rejuvenated. You are really a power coach – wow! You have a great instinct – you are phenomenal!
Izumi F.

The value of my participation today was priceless. I feel that the exercises solidified a concrete path for me. The event was so powerful because of its emotional impact. Nader Zadi was very impactful. I will write that book!
Stan P.

Dr. Zadi was immensely helpful and provided incredible insight into creating a stellar elevator pitch! I wish I had more time to enroll in leadership development.  Our organization, including the board of directors could tremendously benefit from his unique leadership program.

Dr. Zadi is patient and has immense wisdom on the topics of business and non- profits. I would highly recommend him for ANY project you need expertise and guidance with, especially in communications!

Shannon S.

Director of the Board

It was an absolute pleasure working with Dr. Zadi. He is extremely clear and precise on prioritizing next steps for me (which was extremely supportive). I highly recommend him to anyone looking for guidance in organization, communications and leadership.

Tatenda S.

Team Leader

Dr. Zadi is incredibly skilled at cutting through the noise — the messy, extra information that often gets in the way of strategic progress — and honing on where you really need to focus.

In 9 minutes — I’m not exaggerating, he helped me identify my top 4 strategic priorities. He referred to it as “de-cluttering” but I call it clarity — what a gift! Another 40 minutes later, and I had a tangible working outline for a full strategic plan. Super productive!

Suma R.

Executive Director


Dr. Zadi has an uncanny ability to help you reach within to discern the information required for crafting succinct statements of communication for branding your company.

His process was patient and thorough, and he guided us with impressive intellect and collaboration. I sincerely enjoyed learning from him and more about myself and the impact we are creating.

He is a gem that we will work with again in the future.

Andrew S.

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Zadi was great to work with and not only understands the business side, but also understands how to work with people to bring the best out of them.

Chris T.

Founder & Executive Director

It was a pleasure to work with Dr. Zadi. He took what can be a challenging project, SWOT analysis, and brought out great thinking, comments, and reflection. He was an excellent facilitator and led us from operating from micro- management to a broader yet focused strategic process we had been avoiding for years.

Tami G.

Chief Executive Officer

I am truly grateful for the opportunity to work with Dr. Zadi on communication skills and audience engagement. His compassion and understanding of human nature and how that relates to public speaking is amazing. Consider yourself fortunate if you are able to work on a project with him.

Janice H.


It was great to work with Dr. Zadi. If you are ready to challenge yourself and the way you operate, including how to optimize your work style, he will push you to make changes and build necessary boundaries to free up precious time.

Gabriela M.

Finance Director

I have been profoundly changed by my work with Dr. Zadi.

When we began our work together, I found myself in a leadership position after huge organizational rupture and change. I knew I needed support, but was stuck in the role of victim, and wanting to talk about what had happened to me. I knew I needed to step into the role of leader in a new way, but was completely unsure how to do that. I wanted to bring healing to our community, but wasn’t ready to heal from the situation myself. I wanted to be able to listen and connect across differences skillfully, but I was feeling directionless, disconnected, and anxious.


Through our work together, I found my voice, not only as a leader, but I experienced a profound healing within myself. With tangible homework assignments, exercises for reflection, and being challenged, I find myself two months later trusting in my ability to show up for the task at hand. I was able to stay with the experience, and realize how I was co-creating an unhealthy dynamic in our organization by not using my voice.


Dr. Zadi helped me to realize the importance of having fun, including ownership of how I show up as a leader. I must take responsibility. I have a powerful voice. I felt fully supported by this work and also broken completely open to that which no longer served me. I felt stuck and I regained my connection to myself and have since been able to see things from a new perspective that I did not think was possible when we first started working together.

I feel more clarity, more tolerance for discomfort, more trust in myself, more flexible in my leadership, and like I’ve actually gone to the place I want others to go as well. I needed to get out of my own way but I didn’t even know HOW I was in my own way.


At the beginning our work, I was in a very vulnerable place where something precious and transformational could really happen. And it did. I have experienced transformation.

Do yourself a huge favor and work with Dr. Zadi.

Kelly K.

Executive Director

Especially during Covid and even before, my leadership style had become anxiety driven. Dr. Zadi’s work was truly transformational, in dealing with me as a whole person, providing opportunities to reflect on my personal world view and examine negative habits of thought that were standing in the way, not only of being a better leader, but of being a happier and more productive human being.

Over the course of our work together, Dr. Zadi helped me clearly articulate my leadership goals and intentions and gave me tools to manifest them.

He showed me the difference between planning and projecting anxiety into the future. In addition to letting go of those fruitless projections, he helped me discover that to be more effective, I needed to appropriately value the things I enjoy beyond work and carve out time away from the job, and to shift focus from negative values to positive outcomes; letting go of fearful expectations.

Previously, I would have given myself a C- (70%) rating, but Dr. Zadi’s coaching has me aiming for an A (95%). I heartily recommend his work.

Mark S.

Executive Director

Nader Zadi is a great speaker, I learned a lot from his presentation; specifically whatever the challenge is, I can set my mind to be positive, and my attitude will comply accordingly, and be uplifted. – Sheila D.
Nader Zadi gave our entire group tools to connect in a meaningful and powerful way. It was obvious that everyone benefited from this speaker.
Mary O.

I have been to several meetings at Dress for Success and this has been by far one of the best. It has made me think deeper, realizing that I can make my dreams come true. Mr. Nader Zadi really made me feel empowered to go forth and attain my life’s goals.
Linda S.

I was able to evaluate my life and current circumstances, relationships, and self-worth in a room full of empowering individuals; with struggles of their own, yet full of faith and hope for themselves and others. Today I learned that I am worthy of change, and this session has taught me to let go, and move on to achieve my goals. I loved the exercises that Mr. Zadi, presented, they allowed me to clearly scan my life.
Michael G.

You were masterful in connecting me to my life purpose. I felt acknowledged and encouraged by you.
Tony M.